• DIVERSITY - The team visualizes an inclusive future of NFT across borders and diverse backgrounds — from dummies, artists, students, workers, etc.
  • INCLUSIVITY - Not only for the community but also to be more inclusive for people who are in fear of exploring the unknown world of NFTs.
  • UNITY - To bridge the gap between the digital and real-world


  • ENCOURAGEMENT - To aid flocks of Filipino starters who are fearful of entering the world of NFTs. This project would be a stepping stone for those who still have hesitations about starting their NFT journey.
  • GUIDANCE - Considering that many people are still clueless about the emergence of the NFTs, this project aims to be a helping hand not only to those who want to start their journey to financial freedom but also to those who seek to further develop their current knowledge and skills with a strongly founded community.
  • GROWTH - Our mission is to gradually expose people to the broad opportunities that are waiting for them beyond their comfort zone.