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    What is Fearless Feather Flock?
    • This project is a collection of unique chicken NFTs that aims to set a new bar when it comes to Filipino NFTs. This is a project that we all would be proud to share with our friends and families.
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    What is the meaning behind Fearless Feather Flock? Why did you choose chickens?
    • Inspired by Filipino culture, Fearless Feather Flock is established to serve as a digital platform for a diverse online community. The team firmly adheres to the belief that “birds of the same feather flock together” as we aim to forge ahead towards the world of NFT in building a long-term legacy in the metaverse together as a flock.
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    What makes you different from all the other NFTs out there?
    • Fearless Feather Flock is an NFT collection upholding a value-centric service that is centered towards YOU, the holders. As a community-based, decentralized platform, the project has a long-term vision of debunking the stigma toward NFTs.
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    Why should I become a part of the flock?
    • Being part of the flock is more than being in a community — you are entering a world full of endless possibilities and connections both digitally and physically. Since the concept of NFTs and metaverse is very taboo and new, you would be one of the first to experience what it’s like living in the future.
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    Where could I purchase this NFT? How much is it?
    • You could mint our NFTs here on our website. We will also be using Magic Eden as our public marketplace once our minting season ends!. Just head over to our Discord (LINK TBA), to be guided on how to mint/purchase our NFTs!
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    Where could I know more about F3?
    • Visit our discord at, we’re excited to see you cluck in!