Fearless Feather Flock's 1st collection
Fearless Feather Flock (F3) is founded to recalibrate the misconception that Filipinos commonly have when it comes to the NFT market. Along with the recent issues with NFT, it is common for those who are not well-informed about this platform to create false impressions — assuming it’s a scam, a worthless investment that could easily be counterfeited like a JPEG image we commonly find on the internet. On the contrary, what most don’t see is the massive opportunity that this technology offers for everyone. The flock aims to forge a clear path for all starters, artists, and risk-takers by bridging online and real-world utilities, which brings a new light into the NFT space. The team aims to tackle these issues and set a new standard for the Filipino NFT space.

Why F3?

  • First Filipino NFT to create physical tangible long term value for the community
  • Community based (not profit-based) - every flocker is welcome with no judgment
  • Best of both worlds - create new connections virtually and physically

Where could I purchase this NFT?

You could mint our NFTs here on our website, minting date TBA. We will also be using Magic Eden as our public marketplace once our minting season ends! For more information just head over to our Discord at
Last modified 6mo ago